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"The language schools programs are very well."
Gillermo - Argentina

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Why study in the United Kingdom?

The British education system is highly regarded and respected around the world. A qualification received by a British Institution can therefore be seen as an asset. There are an abundance of schools that specialize in teaching English with a variety of qualifications available such as the IELTS or Cambridge certificate, both are important for admission to University.

In order to be sure of the credibility of a school, there are a number of organizations that control the quality of teaching and the welfare of students.

All the institutions that Study English in the UK works with are recognized by the The British Council or are members of ARELS, BASCELT or ABLS. This gives the guarantee to the student that their chosen school is an accredited institution.

Other points to consider:

  1. The British cultures - English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.
  2. The European mainland is only short trip away. A 40 minute train ride through the channel tunnel connects England and France, whilst many schools offer excursions to the continent.
  3. Galleries like The Tate, museums such as The Natural History Museum and the historic architecture in evidence across many cities.
  4. Theatre and music - the world-renowned West End, as well as quirky arts event such as the Edinburgh Festival, and the music festivals at Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading to name just some.
  5. Beautiful countryside ranging from wild moors to forests, peaks and farmland, as well as its famous River Thames and of course the coast.
  6. A very busy and lively nightlife
  7. The Royal family - perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of Prince William or Harry if you visit one of their family's spectacular palaces and castles in which they still reside -Buckingham Palace, Winsor Castle, the Balmoral estate.
  8. The History - historic battle sites, Stone Henge, castles, Roman Baths, Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square.
  9. The stores: Great opportunity to visit Harrods
  10. Personal security - there is a very low level of crime
  11. And if all that is not enough, we also have the best fish and chips in the world!


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